Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian passport holders

It is imperative for all Indian passport holders to have Vietnam visa before departure to the country. The purpose of their travel may vary from business to tourism. Although Indians are granted 2 different options to get official visa from Australia for their visit, getting Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian passport holders in Australia is more outstanding. Here is the reason.

Why to use Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians in Australia?
In fact, getting Vietnam visa for Indians citizens through the embassy requires a lot of documents. Visa application at the embassy of Vietnam in Australia is also not an exception. Although it is pointed out clearly on the website of the embassy that some documents (original passport with at least 6 month validity, completed visa passport form, a passport size photo, one way or return flight booking, visa fee in Australian dollars) are needed, it is also noted that foreign passport holders other than Australia, New Zealand, UK, US and Canada may be required additional documents.

Moreover, there has also been an increase in the stringency in terms of the number of required documents that need to be submitted by Indian passport holders. However, you can feel fee when applying Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians from Australia. No documents are required. In few circumstances, you might be asked to submit the scanned version of your passport. Nevertheless, almost normal cases just require:

Access to an approval agent to fill out Vietnam visa application form with correct information
Pay Vietnam visa for Indians using credit or debit card via OnePay/ PayPal

Receive visa approval letter issued by the Immigration Department sent to your email after 1 or 2 working days

Prepare documents to present at the arrival airport in Vietnam to get full visa stamp onto your passport

How long to process?
As for time processing for Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians, it is also another convincing reason to use the option. Normally, visa application at the embassy might take 3 days. The fastest processing takes 1 day. However, foreign passport holders are also informed that it may take longer time depending on each application.

On the contrary, normal processing time via online just takes 2 working days. Moreover, Indian citizens can require urgent service (1 working day), super urgent service (4 working hours) or even 1 working hour service. Be kindly reminded that the time processing will be counted as soon as visa service fee is well- verified.

Although there is no doubt about convenience thanks to the use of Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians, some applicants are quite reluctant because they are not sure if it is a good one to apply visa online.

How to find a good travel agent to work with?
The popular travelling website is the most reliable source of information for Indian citizens in Australia can take into account to choose the best travel agent to complete their application for visa on arrival. In fact, it is hard to find out an agreement about the most reliable travel for Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians because as mentioned all travel agencies in Vietnam are having the full right to assist customers to get the visa approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Deparment. The visa fee between agents does not vary much.However, we suppose the cost is not the key factor here to decide which ones is the best but it is the agency’s customersupporting and helpfulness that make the differrence.

From my point of view, you should ask for experiences from your friends who used to have experiences in getting Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians. After taking it consideration, contact to the travel agents as soon as possible to be able to judge by yourself the quality of service provided. Besides, they are helpful to provide you some information about getting visa for Indians.

We do hope that the information is useful for you. Thanks for your time.