Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian citizens in Hong Kong

What is vietnam visa on arrival?
Vietnam visa on arrival is the best option to obtain visa to Vietnam for air travelers. Anyone who want to pick up the Vietnam visa upon arrival at the airport must obtain the visa approval letter in advance through travel agency. If you are a Indian passport holder wishing to get an easy Vietnam visa from Hong Kong, read the tip to get Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian citizens in Hong Kong.

How to apply?
Indian visitors staying in Hong Kong will need to arrange the visa online through our website to receive an approval letter which will be used when collecting the visa on arrival. For better understand the process of Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian nationals, please look at 4 steps below:

You fill out online application form here
You make a full payment for your application with credit/debit card through secure payment gateway
We provide you with the letter via email after 2 business days
You present the letter for boarding and obtaning visa stamp at Vietnam’s airport

How long is visa on arrival valid?
The visa on arrival allows 30 day single/multiple entry for tourism purpose and 90 day single/multiple entry for business purpose. However, we advise you to select visa type based on intended period of stay instead of purpose of the trip since the reason of your entry in Vietnam is not a matter that Immigration Officer gives a concern.

The Indian citizens require to pay processing fee in advance and stamping fee at the airport to get visa upon arrival. Both two kinds of fees are various depending on type of visa. Please refer to this page if you would like to read more details about the fee.

Hopefully, our information about Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian nationals living in Hong Kong is helpful to you. Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or skype if you need a help with visa to Vietnam.