Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian citizens in France

Don’t get it wrong when supposing that Vietnam visa on arrival only means buying a ticket, boarding the plane and getting the visa at the airport without any preparation. In fact, getting Vietnam visa on arrival in this way is called as a visa arranged beforehand. Preparing for one from France is also not an exception. 

Vietnam visa on arrival is a new type of visa issued officially by Vietnam Immigration Department. This option requires the applicants to apply for a visa approval letter before departure. The letter will then allow you to get on board and help you to pick up Vietnam visa at arrival airport in Vietnam. So, how to get the letter of visa approval for Indian citizens in France?

Just need to follow 2 simple steps:

 - Complete Vietnam visa online application form exactly

 - Make payment for service fee via OnePay or PayPal

After 1 or 2 working days, you will receive the letter of approval via email. The thing left is to prepare for boarding and getting the visa at international airports in Vietnam.

However, please remember that only the letter of approval doesn’t help you to get the visa. Visa on arrival to Vietnam for Indian from France will be stamped onto your passport after you get confirmation for your information by showing:

 - An origin passport with at least 6 month validity and some blank pages left
 - Visa approval letter
 - Attached entry and exit form
 - Passport- sized photos
 - Stamping fee in cash in VND/USD.

Vietnam visa on arrival is an easy and simple way to pursue Vietnam visa. Providing that you follow every instruction with are, you are guaranteed a free hassle procedure to get the visa. In fact, there are some cases getting into a mess with visa approval letter when:

1. Forget to print out the letter

It often happens when applicants suppose that they have obtained the letter and everything now is done. In fact, it is not. Always follow with care until you have a full visa in hand.

2. Have printed out the letter but forget to bring it along

The letter, in some cases, is considered as the virtual visa which helps you to get on board. Some airliners may not accept you to get on board if you don’t present the letter of visa approval. Moreover, you will not definitely get the full visa stamp if you are not able to show the printed letter to Vietnam Immigration Officers at the arrival airports.

3. Print out the email instead of the letter attached

It is quite ridiculous to believe that it happened. However, it did. Luckily, it is not too difficult now get something printed, even in the airport.