Get an official Vietnam visa

Traditionaly, Vietnam visa is issued at the embassy but it isn't convenient for Indian applicants living in distant place. Therefore, Vietnam has recently launched visa on arrival program to facilitate the visa process. Instead lodging visa application at the embassy, the Indian visitors will apply online through travel agencies with a very small fee. If you are wondering about legitimacy of the online visa, please kindly inform that your visa request will be processed by Immigration Deparments so it is totally an official Vietnam visa.

What are advantages of visa on arrival?
Easy: the online system allows you to apply for the visa at any time from comfort of your home or office. Documents are not required for processing

Quick: the processing period is usually 2 business days.For a small additional fee, you could receive the visa approval letter on the same day

Cheap: The visa application fee costs around 6$ to 30$ depending on the type of visa you select. Please read Vietnam visa cost for Indian visitors.

Why embassy does not recognize visa on arrival?
The embassy says visa on arrival is not official to scare you with a hope that you will apply for the visa from embassy, which helps them earn some money. The agencies are not good for their business. If you are worried about legitimacy of visa on arrival, the best way is to ask for tips and experience from those who used to this service. 

How vietnam visa on arrival works?
If you wish the Vietnam visa to be available on arrival, just follow 4 steps below:

 - Fill out visa application form online
 - Use credit card to pay refundable visa application fee
 - Get visa approval letter via email after 2 business days or less
 - Use visa approval leter to pick up visa on arrival at the airport

Note: visa approval letter is valid at the airport only. It can't be used at any land borders.

If you have more doubts about Official Vietnam visa for Indian, please bring your concerns to us and we are willing release it for you.