Why not Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian citizens in Canada

Vietnam will give you a visa on arrival provided you travel by plane and show the approval letter confirming your visa is waiting for you at the airport. Your passport needs to be valid for at least six months and should have 01 unused page. Here's instructions to get Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian citizens in Canada 

As informed above, the Vietnam visa is issued on arrival only when you can show the approval letter. So you must obtain the letter first. 

Step 1: Appy online

You are required to fill out only one online application form. The form must be completed correctly, especially the important information such as your full name, passport number, date of birth, date of arrival. If you need instructions to fill out the form, please visit here.

After the form is well-submitted, you will receive a confirmation email requesting you to double check the provided information. This step is very important because if you leave a mistake in your application form, your visa information will be wrong and can't be used. If you need to edit something in the form, please notify us immediately. Otherwise, it's impossible to correct the application after its status changes into "processing".

Step 2: Make the full payment

While completing the form, you will be ask to select payment option. The application fee can be paid with credit/debit card or with cash via Western Union or bank transfer. If you need any payment assistance, please kindly send us an email to info@vietnamvisas.in, we will immediately create you a secure link to pay again.

Note: the full payment must be made at the time of application. The delay in paying the fee will result in processing delay. 

After 2 business days since the receipt of payment, you will receive an approval letter via email. For Indian citizens who wish to speed up the processing, the urgent service is available upon request. And the additional fee, of course, will apply.

Once inside Vietnam's airport, you will have to show the letter, valid passport, completed entry and exit form, 01 passport photo and pay stamping fee to get visa stamp on the passport.

The Indian applicants in Canada are required 2 kinds of fee for visa on arrival:

Application fee: is  paid at the time of application to obtain visa approval letter from Immigration Department. The fee is various, dependent on type of visa and period of your stay in Vietnam
Stamping fee: is paid at the time of getting visa stamped at the airport. The fee must be paid in cash either in USD or VND,
Please visit Vietnam visa fee for more details

Vietnam visa on arrival is valid for one or three month on single and multiple entry. The validity begins from the intended arrival date mentioned in the application form. You can enter Vietnam anytime during period of visa validity, cannot travel earlier the date of validity indicated in the approval letter and not leave after the visa expires.