Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian in UAE

A Visa on Arrival is authorization for travel to Vietnam for various purposes. The Vietnam Visa on Arrival is applied online; it is not necessary to submit an original passport or other documents for processing but necessary to travel on the original passport. Here's practical and most up-to-date information about Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian passport holders in UAE

Vietnam offers visa on arrival only at the airport so make sure you will enter the country by air. 

Similar to any other country, Vietnam insists for a minimum of 6 months validity and 1 blank page on your passport. If your pasport is expiring within 6 months prior to travel date, please renew or extend it first.

1. Complete visa application form

Click on button "Apply online" to enter required information. It is very important that the information in the form is accurate and exactly matches your passport otherwise the visa will not be valid and another visa request and fess are required for correction.

2. Make online payment

Use credit card to pay visa processing fee. The fee ranges from 6$ to 20$ depending on visa category. After payment, your application is processed instantly. You will receive a notification email stating the date of receipt of the approval letter.

3. Receive visa approval letter

The approval letter is usually sent to you via email after 2 business days. Please select urgent service while completing the form if you want to get the letter urgent on the same day (additional fee required).

4. Collect visa on arrival

Here is the list of documents required for on arrival process at the airport. Please submit the complete documents to be issued the Vietnam visa Indian upon arrival:

 - Print copy of visa approval
 - Original passport that valids for at least 6 months and contains at least 1 empty page
 - Completed entry-exit form (the form is usually provided with visa approval)
 - 01 recent passport photo against white background
 - Stamping fee (cash only): 25$ for single visas 50$ for multiple visa

Visa for Vietnam begins valid from the expected date of entry into Vietnam mentioned in the application. It allows  single an multiple entry for a period of 30 days or 90 days. You are allowed to enter Vietnam anytime during period of visa validity aand must leave before of on visa expiration date. Extension is possible for this visa.

How to obtain Vietnam visa from UAE for arrival at land border?

If you cross the border into Vietnam, please visit Embassy of Vietnam in UAE to drop-off your application and collect the visa after 5 business days. General requirements include your original passport, complete visa application form (available for download from embassy's website), 01 recent passport photograph and payment of visa fees. Please contact the embassy to receive detailed information.