Requirements to get Vietnam visa for Indian in North Ireland

Basically, Indian citizens in North Ireland are entitled to obtain visa for Vietnam at embassy or on arrival. There are a bit difference in Vietnam visa requirements for Indian living in North Ireland between getting the visa from embassy and getting upon arrival. Read on to see what the differences are.

Requirements to get Vietnam visa for Indian in North Ireland
Apply for Vietnam visa for Indian from China


How to submit the application?


Original passport remaining at least 6 months validity and 1 blank pages
Completed visa application form: please enter the website of embassy to fill out and print out the form
01 recent passport photo in full colour and agaisnt white background
Self-addressed return envelope if you request to receive the passport back by post
Payment for visa application in form of cheque or postal order payable to the Embassy of Vietnam
In special case, the embassy may contact you to request supporting documents. However, do not submit further unless you are asked to. The applications must be sent to If you have any inquiries about Vietnam visa fees, please contact the embassy directly to receive help.


In several countries, visa on arrival program allows you to apply and get the visa on arrival but Vietnam visa on arrival does not work on that way. To obtain permission to collect the Vietnam visa Indian on landing, you will have to register for an online visa approval letter through travel agencies. The application for visa approval is so simple, you just need 2 things below:

Online visa application form
Credit card to make the payment
After you already got the visa approval, please present it along with following documents at arrival airport to be issued the visa:

Completed entry-exit form (available for download on our site)
Original pasport with a minimum of 6 month validity from travel date
01 recent passport size photo
Stamping fee (cash only, USD or VND are accepted)


Visa approval is valid at all international airports of Vietnam but not at land borders. Therefore, if you want to avail yourself of visa on arrival, please make sure you will travel by air.

If you have any concerns about Vietnam visa requirements for Indian living in North Ireland after reading this post, please feel free to contact us anytime for help. We are willing to support you via phone, email or live chat service.