Requirements to get Vietnam visa Indian from Spain

Applying for a visa is the first move of all Indian citizens wishing to enter Vietnam. In order to obtain a Vietnam visa smoothly from Spain, you should be well-informed first about Vietnam visa requirements for Indian passport holders in Spain

Although Vietnam visa application can be made in form of paper at the local embassy, we encourage you to register for the visa online to enjoy the simplicity, rapidity and flexibility.

A typical paper application submitted at Vietnam Embassy in Spain must provide the following documents:

 - Origin passport valid for at least 6 months after your departure date from Vietnam
 - A completed application form (the form can be downloaded from official website of embassy)
 - One passport size photograph of the applicant (It should be affixed on the visa application form),
 - A copy of your passport the page containing your personal details
 - Visa approval from Immigration Department provided by your sponsor in Vietnam (required for business visa application only)

Vietnam visa fee: differs according to visa type. Payment can be in form of cash, credit card, or money order
If you mail the application to the embassy, please kindly enclose  a self-addressed envelope for return of the passport.

Time required to issue a visa: at least 4 business days upon receipt of complete documents

Contact information:
Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Spain
Calle Segre No5, 28002 Madrid
Tel : +34-91-5102867 - Fax: +34-91-4157067

What documents will be required?

No documents need to be mailed for processing. You can enjoy comfort to apply for the Vietnam visa Indian from home by:

Click on "apply online" and enter requested visa information and personal information
Pay visa processing fee with credit/debit card or with cash via Western Union or use bank transfer
When the processing is completed (on avarage 2 working days), you will receive an approval letter and an entry-exit form in the email. With the approval letter, you are allowed to arrive in Vietnam and pick up visa upon arrival at the airport.

The origin documents required to get visa for Vietnam at arrival airport:

 - Valid passport
 - Print copy of approval letter
 - Completed entry-exit form
 - 01 passport photo taken recenly
 - Stamping fee (cash only): 25$ for single visas, 50$ multiple visa.

After checking your documents, the custom official then will put a visa stamp onto your passport. 

Attention: Vietnam visa on arrival program work excellent for arrivals by air only.