How to get Vietnam visa for Indian citizens from UAE

Unless you travel to Vietnam overland, we do not encourage you to apply for Vietnam visa at the embassy as it is rather hassle and complicated. In order to obtain visa for Vietnam for Indian citizens from UAE effortlessly and cheaply, you should take advantage of Vietnam visa on arrival facility.

Visa on arrival is the easiest, simplest and fastest way to get visa to Vietnam for air travellers. By way of online system, the Indian applicants in UAE can lodge the application in the comfort of their own home or office. All what they have to do next is relax and wait for visa approval letter to arrive in the email. The Immigration Official at arrival airport then willl collect the letter and give them a physical visa.

Vietnam visa on arrival process

Step 1: Complete online application form

Go to "apply online" to fill out the application form. Please be careful not to make a mistake while entering the required information. If you make an error, you might have to apply for a new visa.

Step 2: Make online payment of application

There are 3 payment methods: pay with credit/debit card through international payment gateway.

Please take note that you must pay the fee in full for the application to be processed. If you delay in making payments, the processing delay will occur.

Step 3: Receive visa approval letter

The approval letter is usually issued after 2 business days (excluding weekend and national holidays). Those who select express service will receive the letter via email the same day.

Step 4: Get visa stamped on arrival

The following documents must be available to submit to Immigration Officer for stamping process at arrival airport

 - Visa approval letter
 - Original and valid passport
 - 01 passport photo
 - Completed entry-exit form (the form is sent at the same with the letter)
 - Stamping fee: 25$ for single visa, 50$ month multiple. The fee must be paid by cash in USD or VND.

Application fee
The application fee varies according to type of Vietnam visa and kind of service (normal or urgent). Please review the table below for details:

Visa type
Service fee
Stamp fee
Tourist visa
Business visa
is required on arrival
1 month single entry
50 USD
25 USD
1 month multiple entries
50 USD
50 USD
3 months single entry
20 USD
85 USD
25 USD
3 months multiple entries
30 USD
100 USD
50 USD
6 months multiple entries
95 USD
1 year multiple entries
135 USD


Normal service: 2 business days (please submit the application before 3: 00 pm (Vietnam time) to get the letter by 6:00 pm of the following day)
Urgent service: 1 business day (please finish your application before 10:00 am (Vietnam time) to obtain the letter by 6:00 pm the same day
Super-urgent service: 4 business hours (we will provide you the letter at noon if you apply before 10:00 am (Vietnam time) and by 6: 00 pm if you apply before 3: 00 pm)