Get Vietnam tourist visa for Indian in New Zealand

Getting visa to Vietnam by yourself is not easy, especially when you live far from the embassy such as New Zealand. In order to get Vietnam tourist visa for Indian in New Zealand with no effort, we seriously encourage you to avail visa on arrival facility.

Visa on arrival has been available in Vietnam for about 7 years. The India visitors wishing to pick up tourist visa Vietnam upon arrival are required to apply online in advance through travel websites to receive an approval letter. Please be aware that visa approval letter is valid at the airport only, it can't be used at border checkpoints so make sure that you will travel to Vietnam by air before deciding to apply for visa on arrival.

The application for visa on arrival is straightforward. You don't have to submit any documents rather than complete an online application form and pay processing fee using credit/debit card. Then you just wait for the approval letter to be sent via email. 

Tourist visa on arrival is usually valid for 1 month on single and multiple entry. If you expect a longer stay, it's possible to apply for business visa (3 month validity). The procedures in getting tourist and business visas are the same. Please take note that the date of entry you provided in the application form is considered as the first day of visa validity.

The visa approval letter is commonly issued within 2 business days (not counting weekends and national holidays). The urgent process  (extra cost required) takes 1 business day or 4 business hours only. 

Step-by-step guide to get tourist visa on arrival from New Zealand

 - You complete visa application form online properly
 - You make full payment for your application 
We email you the approval letter and an entry-exit form
 - You present the valid passport, print copy of approval letter, completed entry-exit form, 01 recent passport size photograph and pay stamping fee to get Vietnam visa at arrival airport.

Note: the stamping fee must be paid by cash in USD or VND.