Apply for Vietnam tourist visa for Indian from United States

Vietnam tourist visa allows a stay for period of 1 month. If you just spend a few days in Vietnam for whatever purpose, you should apply for a tourist visa. Let's see what is the procedure to get Vietnam tourist visa for Indian living in  United States.

Select application method

Basically, there are 2 options for Indian in United States to apply for tourist visa to Vietnam:

Apply personally at the embassy: is a bit inconvenient and time-consuming but available for arrivals by air, sea and land. 

Apply online for visa on arrival: more convenient. less time-consuming and cheaper but applicable only for arrivals by air.

Steps to obtain visa from embassy
Step 1: Enter website of the embassy to fill out the visa application form online and print out the form.

Step 2. Take a color photo and affix it to the application form.

Step 3. Submit your visa application, original passport, self-addressed return envelope, and payment (by cheque or postal order payable to the Embassy of Vietnam) to the embassy by post

Step 4. Wait for Vietnam visa to be issued after 5 business days (excluding shipping time)

Steps to get visa on arrival
Step 1: Fill out the visa application form online fully and correctly

Step 2: Pay visa processing fee with credit/debit card. Read Vietnam visa fee for Indian citizens

Step 3: Receive visa approval letter via email within 2 business days. For example: if you apply on Monday, the visa approval letter is issued on Tuesday

Step 4: Fly to Vietnam, present the approval letter, completed entry-exit form, 01 passport photo, oriinal passport and stamping fee to get visa stamp on the passport.