Get your Vietnam visa for Sri Lankan

Being a citizen of Sri Lanka, you need a Vietnam visa for Sri Lanka to enter Vietnam. There are basically two ways to sign up for this important travel document.

Application form for Vietnam visas at the Vietnam Embassy in Sri Lanka
This option requires the following from the applicant:
A valid visa application
Applicant's appearance at the Embassy of Vietnam
- Applicants pay a regular visa fee and follow the procedures provided to them during the visa process.

Online registration procedures for Vietnam visas in Sri Lanka
This option requires the following from the applicant:
A valid visa application
Internet connection is active.
- Candidates, in the process of applying for Vietnam visas to Sri Lanka,
For each of the above methods, please obtain and obtain a Vietnam visa in Sri Lanka with the following details

1) Obtain a Vietnam visa at the Vietnam Embassy in Sri Lanka
When you apply for a Vietnam visa in Sri Lanka from the Embassy of Vietnam, you must first meet the following requirements to qualify for a visa:

You have a valid visa application form that includes the following.
• Valid passports have been purchased more than six months prior to the date of application
• Two passport photos taken within the last 6 months from the current date.
If the above requirements are fulfilled, you must present at the Embassy of Vietnam to complete the visa application. Applicants must pay a visa fee in the course of applying for a Vietnam visa. For details of the requirements and procedures of the Embassy of Vietnam, you can contact the Vietnam Embassy in Sri Lanka through the following contact information.

Embassy of Vietnam in Sri Lanka
Chancery: No. 30/5, Ward Place, Colombo 7, Srilanka
Telephone: 94-11-2696050
Fax: 94-11-2692040

2) Online application process for Vietnamese visas for Sri Lanka:
Applicants can apply for a Vietnamese visa to Sri Lanka via the internet. This procedure requires a reliable connection to the internet and, in relation to the letter of approval, it is a provisional identification document for successful applicants in the visa application process. The following steps must be taken by visa applicants in the process:

• Visit our website and download the visa application form there. Fill in the space provided on the form with valid information about you.
• Pay visa fees for us online according to our guidelines.
• Wait for our approval letter by email within 48 hours.
• Download the approval letter and print it out for identification as your provisional identification as you wait for your adult visa.

Here's how to use your approval letter to apply for a Vietnam visa:
• Use approved paper prints to identify yourself when boarding a plane to Vietnam.
• After arriving at any international airport in Vietnam (Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai or Da Nang), please present your passport at the 'Visa on Arrival' office at the Embassy of Vietnam.
• Pay the visa service fee for a visa stamped in your passport and hand it over to you immediately.
With these three steps, you now have a valid Vietnamese visa and you can travel around Vietnam within the validity period. However, applicants must meet the following conditions before commencing the visa application process:
• Applicants must have a valid passport that has been purchased more than six months prior to the date of visa application. However, passports should be valid for longer than expected visas.
Applicants must complete a visa application form with valid data that matches the information in their passport.
• Applicants should only choose the online application procedure for air travel.